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knowledge management

5 Most Important Things to Know About Enterprise Search

Analyst firm IDC reports that a single employee costs a company nearly $20,000 a year searching for files. Enterprise search solutions help users...

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Conducting 3rd Party Investigations: the Challenge and the Solution

Replicating data and sending it offsite for analysis creates unnecessary risk by exposing personal data outside the enterprise. However, there is a...

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Why You Should Invest in Search Technology for 2022

Finding (the right) information is never mentioned in a job description, yet everybody needs to be able to do it. Still, too little attention is...

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The Values of Sharing Data Within a Business

Accessing and sharing internal data effectively in a business is about more than just making it easier to retrieve documents. It is also a chance to...

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Protect your knowledge in Microsoft Teams and Slack

Working from home has dramatically increased the usage of collaborative tools like Teams, Slack, JIRA and Confluence. This means that data and...

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Ikke permitter informasjonen når kollegaene forsvinner


Det har vært et brutalt år i en rekke norske virksomheter. Hardest rammet er de som mistet jobben eller ble permittert, men det skaper også et...

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Who did what when?


Creating a timeline is a key component in litigation. In order to bring evidence to light and uncover who did what when, it’s essential to map out...

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Knowledge Discovery in Early Case Assessment


Lawyers are faced with massive amounts of information when conducting an Early Case Assessment. With increasing data volumes and a growing range of...

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ayfie Webinar: Jobb bedre og mer effektivt ved å utnytte selskapets kunnskap mot dine klienter - hver dag!

I vårt forrige webinar fokuserte vi på hvordan vi kan styrke enkeltsaker og hjelpe advokater med å foreta en mer effektiv gjennomgang og analyse i...

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