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Avoid Starting from Scratch


A law firm’s internal knowledge base is their foremost important asset. It is also a life saver—and time saver—for junior lawyers who don’t know where to begin.

Junior lawyers who start out at a law firm are equipped with a great skillset and understanding of the practice of law, but they don’t necessarily have much knowledge about the background and past experience of the firm. By utilizing internal expertise and data right, lawyers can avoid starting from scratch every time.



Technology has become a major part of lawyers’ jobs, but that also incorporates complex data collection processes and heavy workloads. While the use of technology can help save tremendous amount of time, the inability to find the right information at the right time can be a constant, time-consuming struggle. 

Even though the majority of junior lawyers belong to a tech-savvy generation, it can be overwhelming to find the information they’re looking for when it’s spread out across different data systems and they’re unsure of where to start. The research process ends up taking a long time when you have to go through dozens of documents and ask a wide range of people before getting the answers you need. 


Having an exceptional knowledge base should be a top priority for every law firm. It is indeed their most valuable resource; it is where past experience and previous work exists, along with the company know-how and subject matter expertise. It is also the golden key for an associate who doesn’t know where to begin, and it should be their go-to place on a daily basis when seeking information. A company’s internal knowledge base consists of so much useful information, and the right tools can enhance knowledge discovery to speed up the research process, such as by displaying relevant information and existing templates, or navigate the user to experienced colleagues who have worked on a similar case before. 


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In a time where everything seems to be measured in terms of efficiency, it is imperative to work smarter and take advantage of past experience and existing knowledge. If the work has already been done, why do it over again?



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