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Achieving Sustainable Information Management

-Ayfie is useful because it shows the true value of the information, instead of a promoted version of it, says the Head of Information Management of one of Norway's state-owned energy enterprises.  

The company uses Ayfie to handle its internal information search solution, which ensures effective information finding across different sources. This both enables sustainability and supports information management, so that the employees can discover knowledge from easily discovered and reused information.  

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About the customer 

The company is one of Europe's largest producers of renewable energy and has been using Ayfie Locator as its intranet search solution to support its employees both in Norway and internationally for almost 10 years. 

About the solution 

Their intranet search solution retrieves data from various sources: their image archive, Microsoft SharePoint, the intranet, the archive management system Public360, and the employees' user profiles.  

It is important to the company that the search results are relevant and, unlike Google searches that return heaps of data, that the search result has as few results as possible without losing out on any relevant hits. To ensure high relevance in the search results, the company is “boosting” quality data sources, governing documents, and intranet pages over other sources.  
The boosting feature is one of the many possibilities that Ayfie offers, and it means giving a higher score to what is considered quality-approved data and, in that way, making sure quality hits appear earlier in the search result than they would have otherwise. 

Quality over quantity 

Data quality and relevance are two reasons why the company has made internal rules that define governing documents and intranet pages as certified sources of information, which makes them always appear first in the respective searches. Furthermore, if the title of two documents is identical, the newest version will get a higher priority over the older documents. In addition, when searching for users/employees, the “profile card” is prioritized so that it’s listed on the top of the results page. 

The collaboration between Ayfie and this company is managed by the company’s Service Matter Expert (SME) Information Management; a Norwegian woman who has worked for the company for about 20 years. She is an expert in the field of information, and she knows the employees’ needs and how Ayfie’s solution should be integrated to deliver what they need. 

-Ayfie is useful because it shows the true value of the data, instead of a promoted version of the data. Unlike other systems, such as SharePoint, Ayfie doesn’t just show a populated search based on what others have searched for lately, but rather the data the company knows that you need, she says. 

Sustainability in information management 

Part of the motivation behind the search project was her passion to make information accessible through a good search engine with results that could be trusted and that are relevant. Another motivational factor was the focus on re-using and learning from what previous colleagues have already produced of relevant information that is easily accessible.  

Sustainability is a leading value in the energy company, and the goal is to have an information life cycle process. The easier it is to find existing relevant information the less time and energy is spent on producing something new. As the Service Matter Expert Information Manager points out: it is too easy to produce new documents rather than reuse existing ones.  

Production of new documents and the buildup of old documents leads to large amounts of data storage, and, in turn, large amounts of energy needed to store these documents. The goal is to “lose what you can’t use” while also managing and prioritizing the important documents, prolonging the life span of already existing valuable documents. 

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Support for different roles 

The intranet search solution is used company-wide in all countries, ranging from departments such as HR, Finance, IT, project management, and postal departments. 

The search can show in what office a coworker has their desk so that mail deliveries are performed faster, or find their personal employee information such as the cost center. New employees also find the solution especially helpful to find information. Altogether, the employees perform more than five hundred daily searches. 

From time to time, surveys are sent out to ensure that users are satisfied with the solution and have what they need to perform smart searches and cut down the internal amount of data produced. The decade-long collaboration between Ayfie and the state-owned company proves that information management can be both efficient and sustainable. 

About Ayfie  
Ayfie offers search and text analytics solutions that bring structure to unstructured data. Our products combine artificial intelligence with deep expertise in linguistics, computational linguistics, and computer science to extract meaning from text. Companies across all industries use Ayfie’s powerful text analytics engine to efficiently detect personally identifiable information, reveal critical insights, conduct smart searches, and support GDPR and compliance processes with automated and tailored reports. The company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway. 

If you want to know more about our solutions and how we can help you get more value out of your data, then contact us via live chat on our website, email info@ayfie.com or call +47 483 10 800. Contact us