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Knowledge Discovery in Early Case Assessment

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Lawyers are faced with massive amounts of information when conducting an Early Case Assessment. With increasing data volumes and a growing range of different file types, the need for great technology tools is becoming an absolute necessity. Clients set higher demands for efficient evaluations and expect law firms to be equipped with competitive solutions. In order to accommodate the needs of a changing industry, it is important to retrieve valuable information and insights quickly, with higher precision and more efficiently than ever before.


Today, lawyers spend a lot of time when assessing and preparing a case. It is a time-consuming task to sift through piles of information that is spread across different data systems, such as in HighQ and iManage, to find key facts and documents. Getting an overview and building a factual timeline within a short time frame can be challenging without effective tools. Although eDiscovery tools are necessary for many firms dealing with large complex datasets, many firms can come a long way by utilizing knowledge discovery solutions.


Using knowledge discovery to increase efficiency and quality can help law firms improve their Early Case Assessment processes. The right solutions enable lawyers to find relevant information quickly, including important facts, people and dates. Retrieving the right information and providing an overview can save tremendous amount of time, allowing lawyers to gain a better understanding of the case at an earlier stage.


Read how law firm SANDS leverages Knowledge Discovery in dispute resolution 


ayfie Locator for Knowledge Discovery is a solution that gives law firms instant insights and access to the information they’re looking for when assessing a case. By analyzing and structuring data (including email attachments & PDF’s) and indexing information from various sources, it enables lawyers to:

  • Find key facts & relevant information
  • Understand concepts & connections
  • Tag documents & create timelines easily



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