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Enterprise Discovery

The Values of Sharing Data Within a Business

Accessing and sharing internal data effectively in a business is about more than just making it easier to retrieve documents. It is also a chance to...

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Top 5 questions about enterprise search

Frustrated with the time it takes your employees to find documents within the network, but unsure how to solve the problem?  Enterprise search...

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ViaWorks vs. Google Search Appliance

We are often asked why an organization should not renew their Google Search Appliance (GSA). In addition, why it makes sense to just buy a ViaWorks...

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Secure Information Access for All Employees

Using information from applications both new and old and from documents of all ages has become a part of the average workday. Employees need access...

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Virtual Migration Trumps Physical Migration

Everyday operations for today's companies create massive volumes of usable digital content. Strong use of the information generated can help...

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SharePoint Search and Collaboration

Businesses have a complex relationship with their own IT environments. The webs of solutions that make companies function have been growing at a...

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Improving Search Improves Workflow

Every day employees are tasked with finding data - old reports, proposals, statistics, invoices and more.  Searching through data silos, emails,...

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Big Data Can Mean Big Costs

Making sound technology investments and getting strong returns are key pages in the IT playbook. When it comes to managing big data and the massive...

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What is Data Sprawl?

The rise in data volume, velocity and variety are causing trouble for companies trying to ensure constant information availability. Unfortunately,...

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Implementing an Enterprise Index

The impact of indexing your content that is accessed daily can be significant, no matter the type of company in question. Searching for information...

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What Can Enterprise Discovery Do For You?

ViaWorks is an enterprise search tool that empowers workers to find exactly what you need, the moment you need it, no matter where it’s hiding – in...

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Who is VirtualWorks?

I’m asked by almost everyone I encounter “who do you work for?” and “what do they do?” so I thought it was only appropriate to tackle these...

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