Jun 30, 2020 4:31:56 AM
Posted by Peter Richards


Retain your knowledge in Teams, Slack, Yammer, Jira, Confluence, Dropbox with your DMS to ensure that privileged, confidential or PII data doesn't leak into new, work from home channels.

Working from home has dramatically increased the usage of collaborative tools like Teams, Slack, JIRA and Confluence. This means that data and knowledge is now stored outside traditional repositories and increases the risk that privileged, sensitive or personal data can spread into these new repositories.

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May 28, 2020 3:25:09 AM
Posted by Peter Richards


Automatically Build Timelines

Creating chronological timelines out of case data is a time consuming and tedious process as documents are distributed across your DMS, Office 365 files, phone records, witness statements, expert opinions, plead responses, notes and emails. With litigation teams working from home and using tools like Slack and Teams, case data is dispersed even further.

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Nov 7, 2019 2:37:21 AM
Posted by Susanne Ullrich


Last week, we held the last edition of ayfie's LawTech lecture series in 2019 at Barclays Eagle Labs in London. It was a great success with exciting talks from Dr. Stacy Sinclair at Fenwick Elliott and Hannah Burnett at Lineal. Under the umbrella of the event topic "Using ayfie - Uncover the 'who did what when' faster, easier and with more impact" both of them were sharing their experience and best practice examples of leveraging the power of legal tech for Early Case Assessment (ECA). After these highly interesting talks, the audience was able to ask questions in a Q&A session, moderated by our CTO Johannes Stiehler. He also gave a quick product demo of ayfie, showing the sophisticated ayfie Inspector solution in action.

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Oct 20, 2019 4:25:32 AM
Posted by Susanne Ullrich

500+ customers worldwide trust ayfie. They do because of the sophisticated features they can't get with anyone else. In our new blog post series "ayfie's power features," we want to put more emphasis on the different features of ayfie's big text analytics software and highlight the ones that our customers love the most. In addition, we will introduce some new features that have recently been implemented and will blow your mind once you find out how they can speed up your workflows.

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Nov 22, 2017 8:39:45 AM
Posted by Cathrine Thaning

Slik for du kontroll på sensitiv data med ayfie Supervisor

ayfie Supervisor er et verktøy som lar deg få kontroll på dine data, slik at du kan skape gode rutiner og dokumentasjon som kreves i forbindelse med GDPR lovgivningen som trer i kraft 25. mai 2018. Når du først har kjøpt løsningen er det enkelt å komme i gang.

ayfie Supervisor er en applikasjon som tilknyttes vår plattform og indekseringsløsning, ayfie Locator. Har du allerede Locator, er du godt på vei. Det eneste du trenger er å laste ned installasjonsfilen, installere og løsningen vil reindeksere dataene dine. Er du ikke kunde, så hjelper vi deg med å installere plattformen, slik at du kan komme i gang med viainsight. Det tar ikke lang tid fra du installerer løsningen til du kan starte arbeidet med å få kontroll på dataene.

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Ikke permitter informasjonen når kollegaene forsvinner
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Legal Timeline - Preparing a chronology and gathering documents
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