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legal industry

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Safeguarding Sensitive Information and PII

This article is the third part of a trilogy focusing on how technology can help with; review and eDiscovery processes, more effective virtual...

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Finding, Retaining and Acting on Data in the Legal Sector

This article is the first part of a trilogy focusing on how technology can help with document review prior to eDiscovery processes, more effective...

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Highlights from an exciting legal tech week in London


Last week, the ayfie team had the opportunity to participate in multiple events in London – we shared insights and found inspiration.

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New study: Law departments need to increase their spend on legal tech

In the area of new technologies, the digital universe doubles every two years - with an exponential growth of unstructured data. Companies worldwide...

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Nordic Legal Tech Day 2018 Recap: From legwork to brainwork

The ayfie team joined the Nordic Legal Tech Day in Stockholm last week. We had the pleasure of having a booth and running a live demo. The annual...

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Ayfie på Nordic Legal Tech Day i Stockholm

Legal Tech är ett hett ämne över hela världen just nu – och advokatbranschen i Norden är inget undantag. Den 19 september arrangerar därför...

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AI as a competitive advantage for the legal sector

The legal industry is undergoing major changes and the use of new technology is reshaping the way lawyers work, interact, and share knowledge....

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