Posted by Susanne Ullrich on Oct 15, 2018 5:39:42 AM

With the passage of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the identification of personal data has gained a lot of attention in 2018. More and more companies struggle with finding PII manually when it comes to Discovery and Data Breach Investigations – it is just too inaccurate, ineffective and time consuming. But there is light on the horizon: solutions like ayfie Inspector and ayfie Supervisor can support and automate these processes. We recently held a webinar on the topic “Automating the identification of PII”. This blogpost summarizes the key takeaways of the webinar. 

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Posted by Susanne Ullrich on Sep 26, 2018 6:19:13 AM

We have a new webinar coming up on October 11 surrounding the ever so popular topic of PII: "Automating the Identification of Personal Data for Information Governance (IG) and Early Case Assessment (ECA)." 

This webinar will be a summary of our speaking slot at the upcoming Relativity Fest™. We want to make our content accessible for everyone who cannot attend the event itself or does not have time to listen to the talk of our colleague Paul Gettmann (Director of Product Management). 

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Posted by Rob Wescott on Dec 21, 2017 10:55:21 AM

Relativity has over 150,000 users worldwide who have discovered 3 key concepts to looks for in a text analytics app

That’s why, like most high-profile solutions, Relativity® has had its core functionality enhanced by a number of third-party developers.

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Posted by Cathrine Thaning on Oct 18, 2017 2:45:49 AM

Innlegg av Director og advokat Bjørn Ofstad og advokatfullmektig Charlotte Thuesen, Deloitte Legal

Det er svært interessant å være advokat som jobber med personvern og teknologi om dagen, med økt fokus på et tema som engasjerer bredt. Som rådgiver ser vi både utfordringene som venter, men også de positive effektene virksomheter møter i jakten på personvernet. Virksomheter har nå begynt å forstå den virkelige grunnen til hvorfor det er viktig å satse på et godt personvern; det er ikke (bare) fordi nytt regelverk er på trappene, men fordi brukerne – borgerne – bryr seg. Satser dere på personvern, setter dette i fokus i alle prosesser, får dere et konkurransefortrinn i bransjen dere er i. Det er vårt beste råd fra innsiden av rådgiversiden i disse dager hvor GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) er på alles agenda og styrebord.

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