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VirtualWorks Group Merges Two Subsidiaries to Become ayfie Group

ayfie Group combines the best-in-class search technology of VirtualWorks with ayfie’s text analytics engine to be a leading player in data search and analysis

ayfieLI.pngNew York, New York, March 8, 2018 – VirtualWorks Group today announced the merging of its two entities, ayfie and VirtualWorks, to form ayfie Group.

The merging of the two entities is a strategic business decision stemming from market demand for an all-encompassing search and text analysis solution. By combining ayfie’s linguistic skills and machine learning with VirtualWorks’ powerful search technology, ayfie Group is situated to be the market leader in providing the most powerful tools for companies that need better insight and overview of their data. The solutions ayfie Group offers can be customized to different industries and businesses of all sizes with the ability to be customized for individual businesses.

Customers want solutions that combine search and text analysis to not only find what they want, but to make sense of what they find. As ayfie Group, we will now offer even more innovative and complete solutions under one brand, making it easier to broaden our core markets in the US, Europe and the Nordic countries.

— Erik Baklid, CEO of ayfie Group

When ayfie Inc. took off in 2016, our main goal was to establish position in the US as an advanced text and content analysis company. And while many of our clients realized significant benefits from our standalone solution, we recognized the need for something more — and that ‘more’ was available right at our fingertips with our sister company, VirtualWorks. Now under one roof, ayfie Group will provide search, processing, analysis and GDPR compliance solutions for companies’ large amounts of unstructured data – giving them the ability to access data more efficiently and make sense of it to make better business decisions

— Rob Wescott, CRO of ayfie's US location

About ayfie ayfie (www.ayfie.com) provides market-leading search and text analytics solutions for legal, compliance, finance, healthcare and media that are based on more than 30 years of research and experience in linguistics, computational linguistics and computer science. Using this knowledge, ayfie has created a unique platform that combines best-in-class search technology with an innovative text analytics engine to deliver efficiency and better insights to businesses in all industries in European and American markets.