Press coverage: On Truls Baklid talks about the future of ViaWorks

Posted by Christian Schömmer on Jul 12, 2017 4:55:24 PM

95 million NOK fund raising: Norwegian enterprise solution vendor and 40 years of German linguistics research will put a new perspective on information retrieval

LYSAKER ( The Norwegian IT company Virtualworks recently retrieved NOK 95 million to strengthen its venture in Norway and internationally, and plans to go public in a year's time, writes The company, dating back to the 90's research environments on search technology at Sintef and NTH / NTNU, specializes in search solutions for companies - enhanced with language comprehension.

Behind Virtualworks is former Telecomputing entrepreneur Erik Baklid. He is now CEO of VirtualWorks Group - a company he started in 2009 with Citrix entrepreneur Ed Iacobucci. This company consists of two parts; ayfie, which creates data analysis and artificial intelligence technology, as well as said Virtualworks, which creates solutions that make it possible to search across many different systems in a company.

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