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Oasis adds ayfie Inspector, an advanced linguistic analysis application, to its robust suite of eDiscovery technology

Torrance, Calif. & Denver, October 22, 2019Oasis announces the adoption of ayfie’s Inspector, bringing ayfie’s powerful AI solution to its extensive network of vendors and service providers. The Oasis/ayfie partnership furthers both companies’ role in revolutionizing the use of technology in discovery by empowering eDiscovery practitioners to leverage cutting edge technology to solve the complicated problems unique to discovery.

ayfie Inspector proactively surfaces insights from data including persons, organizations, terms, and even emojis within a data set of any size. By leveraging 30 years of research in computational linguistics, ayfie takes a more human approach to insight extraction, which is supported in more than thirteen languages. Making this unique offering accessible, Oasis clients will be able to generate proactive insights into their data sets and identify viable search terms and criteria with ease.

“We are constantly striving to provide our clients with the best technology options for their matters and saw a true opportunity to add features and functionality we don’t already provide,” stated Brandon Law, CEO, and Founder of Oasis Discovery. “We see an immediate need for solutions around PII detection, but the most exciting enhancement ayfie provides relates to advanced search, particularly the Google-like predictive search functionality.”

“We are excited to partner with Oasis. As huge proponents of a true hybrid model with the flexibility to provide end-users with the necessary features and workflows, it is imperative to work with a company that has the same vision for its client base”, stated Rob Wescott, CSO at ayfie. “We are extremely pleased to support Oasis expanding their offerings as they continue on their innovative path.”




About ayfie – ayfie (www.ayfie.com) offers search and text analytics solutions that bring structure to unstructured data. Its extensive feature set combines AI with more than 30 years of linguistics, computational linguistics and computer science expertise to extract meaning from text – almost like a human being would. Professionals across the legal, finance, healthcare and media industries use ayfie's powerful text analytics engine to efficiently identify critical insights, conduct smart search and power business intelligence solutions.

The company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway with offices in Denver, New York, Washington, D.C., Munich, London and Stockholm.

Learn more at www.ayfie.com or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Contact: Heather Murphy; Phone +1 (917) 204-8700; heather.murphy@ayfie.com; www.ayfie.com

ayfie Inc. 1225 17th St, Suite 504, Denver, CO 80202, USA


About Oasis – Oasis provides secure, private cloud solutions specifically designed for electronic discovery. We provide the data center, server infrastructure, software administration and all the service layers in between. In addition to supporting the software licenses that clients bring to Oasis, our clients can supplement their technology on a “rental” basis, choosing from a suite of industry-leading applications.

Please contact Oasis at sales@oasisdiscovery.com or visit www.oasisdiscovery.com for more information and to schedule a meeting.