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Ayfie hits milestone with 25,000+ monthly users for the new generative AI-driven data search solutions

OSLO, NORWAY – August 30, 2023

Cutting-edge AI-powered solutions streamlines text and information retrieval across diverse data sets internally and externally for businesses and users across the world

In a remarkable achievement, Ayfie Group, a listed software company (OSE:AYFIE) specializing in AI search solutions, has achieved a significant milestone by reaching a user base of more than 25,000 monthly active users for its new AI-driven and groundbreaking data search SaaS solutions. This innovative platform, powered by advanced artificial intelligence technology combined with the latest capabilities of ChatGPT4, has revolutionized the way organizations and individuals extract and utilize information from their diverse data repositories, integrating corporate data abilities with ChatGPT, including reports, PDFs, documents, emails, and more.

“Modern businesses face a daunting challenge in managing and extracting value from the ever-expanding volume of data they generate and collect. Ayfie recognizes this critical need and has developed new SaaS solutions that transcends conventional data search methods built over more than a decade of expertise and software development within AI and search, combining its best of breed solutions with the capabilities of ChatGPT. This opens up an interesting path ahead for Ayfie and its fast growing base of users and businesses wanting to take advantage of these ground-breaking possibilities,” says Herman Sjøberg, CEO of Ayfie Group.

Ayfie now offers two main solutions for businesses and individuals. One of the key features that has driven Ayfie's solutions to its current success is its versatility. The new SaaS solutions seamlessly integrate with an organization's existing data infrastructure, ensuring that you can seamlessly interact with all available information and data both inside and outside of the company. This eliminates the hassle of toggling between disparate systems and accelerates the data retrieval process, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. Soon the SaaS solutions will offer further integration capabilities specializing in unveiling deep insights and enhancing business intelligence in sectors like legal and finance as well as insurance and healthcare.

“We are thrilled to have reached this impressive milestone of 25,000+ monthly users for our new generative AI-powered data search SaaS solutions. According to Open AI, connecting corporate data with generative AI is the next big thing," says Herman Sjøberg, CEO of Ayfie Group.

"This achievement underscores the growing demand for transformative AI solutions that can tackle real-world challenges faced by businesses and individuals today. Our commitment to innovation, combined with our dedication to delivering tangible results, has fueled our journey towards revolutionizing data search," says Lasse Ruud, CFO of Ayfie Group, and continues:

“Ayfie provides unified access to all enterprise data. By leveraging state-of-the-art AI algorithms, our new software solutions provide a comprehensive, intuitive, and lightning-fast way to locate specific text and information across multiple data formats. Ayfie's strategic growth is backed by a proven and trusted product suite, combined with a new user-friendly SaaS offering, ensuring competitive pricing and an intuitive experience as we convert users from trial to payment while adding a set of additional functionalities going forward.”

Ayfie's new data search solutions have already earned praise for its user-friendly interface, allowing businesses and users to effortlessly initiate searches, refine results, and explore related information. The solutions' advanced AI algorithms, which are integrated with Open AI’s ChatGPT, ensure precision, embedded security and relevance in search results, even across vast and complex data sets.

“As Ayfie continues to evolve the new solutions, we remain committed to enhancing the capabilities further. We already have a very strong position within several verticals. Going forward, we are rapidly broadening our presence within legal and finance, while onboarding users and business from a broad range of sectors. A key element is to accommodate specific industry nuances, in example within legal and other relevant verticals, often with a specific user behavior and a strict focus on end-to-end security,” says Herman Sjøberg, CEO of Ayfie.

“Based on the initial phase of interest following the launch this summer, the future is promising for Ayfie's groundbreaking new AI-driven data search solutions. We are determined in our unique approach of pushing the boundaries of AI technology. As businesses seek to harness the power of generative AI for tangible improvements in data management, Ayfie stands ready to provide innovative solutions that lead the way,” says Lasse Ruud, CFO of Ayfie Group.

About the solutions:

Enterprise Search Solution (search.ayfie.com)
Imagine a structured document database with no folders. Ayfie’s Search Solution uses AI technology to analyze the content of documents and extract relevant information based on your requests. Users can also apply filters to seamlessly find the documents they need across various connected platforms based on your choice.

Personal Assistant (chat.ayfie.com)
Consider your PA as an informed colleague that is powered by ChatGPT. You can engage in discussions and conduct analysis based on your needs. Your PA can also draw knowledge from relevant documents in your email, Dropbox, company database and other connected platforms.

For media enquiries or additional questions, please contact:
- CEO Herman Sjøberg, +47 926 62 233 herman.sjoberg@ayfie.com
CFO/Head of IR Lasse Ruud, +47 930 90 008 lasse.ruud@ayfie.com

Download the press release here.

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Ayfie is a leading software provider specializing in data search and generative AI. With more than 15 years' experience, we have honed our skills in transforming unstructured data into valuable insights that benefit both large enterprises, medium businesses, and individuals. In 2023, we took a giant leap forward by integrating generative artificial intelligence into our platform. This innovation provides users with a unique way to interact with their data, creating new, powerful, and actionable insights. Our mission is to help you extract and generate structured insights from unstructured sources to drive your success.

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