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ayfie and iCONECT Sign an Integration Agreement

The iCONECT-XERA® eDiscovery Software Platform Analytics Module will now be powered by the ayfie Inspector text analytics engine


New York, New York, January 9, 2018 – ayfie Inc., the provider of the text analytics platform, ayfie Inspector, used in a variety of industries and disciplines worldwide, is proud to announce that it has reached a licensing agreement with iCONECT to power the eDiscovery review platform, iCONECT-XERA®.

Both companies are dedicating development resources to finalize software code integration between the two platforms. The integration will leverage ayfie’s leading text analytics engine, ayfie inspector within the iCONECT-XERA interface, to create seamless eDiscovery/AI functionality and workflows. The initial release will include Near-Duplicate detection, Conceptual Clustering, Email Threading, Xmplar (used to create a synthetic exemplar document) and Predictive Review (TAR) with both TAR 1.0 and TAR 2.0 workflow capabilities.

Large and mid-sized law firms have increased their use of analytics to drive efficiency and improve fact finding. This new age of transparent analytics, leaves behind the black box of legacy LSI technology, and is bound to increase adoption by making the back-end understandable. The ayfie technology has linguistic analytics at its core. Since much of the law is about language, attorneys get what’s happening. That leads to comfort and comfort breeds adoption. We expect this to change the legal landscape.

—Ian Campbell, CEO of iCONECT

ayfie’s unique approach to text analytics, combining linguistic analytics with machine learning, gives iCONECT the opportunity to offer even more analytics tools to the eDiscovery and data investigation markets. Sentiment analysis and entity extraction are the first two on the integration roadmap, following the Q1 2018 initial release.

We’re looking forward to working with iCONECT to take their eDiscovery solution to the next level. Our integration will create the workflows needed to help their customers find the right data at the right time. As our partnership grows, we plan to enhance iCONECT’s user experience as they leverage more of our text analytics capabilities, such as entity extraction, sentiment analysis and others.

— Rob Wescott, CRO at ayfie, Inc.

The initial release of the product integration is scheduled for Q1, 2018 and will be available in combination with user licensing for the iCONECT-XERA platform. iCONECT will be demonstrating the integration in booth # 1402 at the upcoming LegalTech NY show in late January.

About ayfie, Inc. ayfie (www.ayfie.com) provides products for eDiscovery, media, compliance and search across industries and geographies. The language processing technologies developed by ayfie are based on more than 30 years of research in linguistics, computational linguistics and computer science at a number of universities in particular the University of Munich and the University of Paris. Using these technologies, ayfie has created a unique text analytics platform, ranging from forensics over research to automated prediction based on unstructured text data. ayfie GmbH is a subsidiary of ayfie Inc. located in Munich focusing on research and development as well as service and support for the European market.

Learn more at www.ayfie.com or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About iCONECT Development, LLC iCONECT Development, LLC (www.iconect.com) has been developing innovative eDiscovery review software since 1999. Its web-based, iCONECT-XERA® eDiscovery Review Platform raises the bar by delivering intelligent, easy-to-use tools that help hosting providers, law firms, and legal departments worldwide collaborate on complex reviews, optimize workflows and manage big data seamlessly and efficiently. In 2016 iCONECT was honored by CIO Review in its Top 20 Most Promising eDiscovery Technology Solution Providers and received the inaugural Patrick Young Vendor Leadership Award from The Masters Conference.