Who is VirtualWorks?

I’m asked by almost everyone I encounter “who do you work for?” and “what do they do?” so I thought it was only appropriate to tackle these frequently asked questions in a blog post.

No… VirtualWorks isn’t the staffing company.  My VirtualWorks is much different – we are a premier Enterprise Discovery and Indexing technology company focused on deeply understanding and delivering meaningful and actionable content to end users and the business itself.  We take the information piled up on your desk or disparate data silos (unstructured and structured) and make it retrievable and knowledgable in an aggregated and completely customizable view - and we love what we do!


A majority of businesses today are drowning in data. It’s magnified for the end user trying to find information inside the millions of documents stored.  It’s as basic as trying to find a needle in a haystack – IMPOSSIBLE! Have you ever spent minutes or even hours looking for an email you know is in your inbox or a document you thought you saved on your computer, to never find it?  You aren’t alone! The average person spends 18% of their work week searching for information, that’s a full day of work – lost down the drain.  With VirtualWorks Enterprise Discovery software, time once consumed with search is minimized. Can you imagine getting back at least 10% of your work week?  That could amount to over five weeks a year, allowing you to spend more time on actual work.


It's also magnified for the business who wants to understand and take action on the content its employees are producing. Are the teams in Europe outperforming the teams in North America because they're producing and sharing more information? Is this information superior and should be shared on a global scale to improve overall performance? For businesses, indexing your enterprise allows you to understand the information being produced in your business, without employees manually, and sometimes incorrectly, tagging documents. Ultimately, implementing an enterprise discovery solution like ViaWorks increases employee productivity and the business' ROI.


Hopefully that clears up who we are and what we do. Happy searching, my friends!

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