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What Can Enterprise Discovery Do For You?

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ViaWorks is an enterprise search tool that empowers workers to find exactly what you need, the moment you need it, no matter where it’s hiding – in email attachments, scanned documents or drawings, SharePoint sites, the company intranet, or across departmental application silos. With less time spent looking for information, you’ll work smarter, faster, more efficiently (and with less stress) than you ever thought possible.


With ViaWorks, you’ll discover the following benefits:

  • Ready to go out-of-the-box. A cost-effective packaged software product, ViaWorks is ideal for organizations that don’t want to build or customize a search solution. Installation and initial indexing take as little as a day and your staff can begin using the system right away with no learning curve.
  • Support for over 300 file types. ViaWorks finds and retrieves any type of data, in any format, from any repository, anywhere, including: Microsoft Office, Exchange, Outlook PST, and SharePoint; Lotus Notes and Domino; plain text PDFs; images, drawings, faxes and even scanned files. Plus, the system can easily be extended to support additional file types.
  • Deep content visibility. With its integrated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine, ViaWorks looks deep inside each file, indexing everything and making all content inside fully searchable. It accurately indexes text images contained within graphics files, such as PDF, DWG, JPEG, or TIFF, so you can find even the most obscure information contained in photos, faxes, scanned documents, drawings and graphical files.

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