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The intranet - a treasure trove of hidden insights

With only one week to go before it kicks off at the Intra.Net Reloaded in Berlin, we have looked into all the topics which will be covered at the upcoming event. The agenda looks very promising and we are happy to contribute to the large number of diverse topics.

One of the biggest challenges companies face these days are related to allegedly uncontrollable amounts of unstructured data. This amount will likely increase in the foreseeable future, especially when looking at the emergence of more and more social intranets.  This means that it becomes harder and harder to keep control of where information resides and what kind of information is available. This trend worries companies more than ever before as insights might get lost.

The digital workplace becomes more of a reality every day and we’re proud to help companies tackle the emerging challenges they’re facing while going through their digital transformation. By using ayfie technology, enterprises bring structure and meaning to their complex unstructured data by applying semantic knowledge, which automatically categorizes and arranges the information for better, faster and more effective use.

Working with leading edge technology and – among other things – digital workplaces, we think the intranet will play a strategic role in a digital business moving forward. An efficient and value adding intranet will bring people, information and applications together in an efficient way and thus be an anchor point for culture, collaboration and communication.

We look forward to hearing more from our peers next week on how they enable their employees and integrate technology to the best for the business. We are also excited to be able to talk more about getting insights out of unstructured data and how to unlock hidden value through an efficient digital workplace on Thursday.

We look forward to sharing some learnings with you!


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