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Secure Information Access for All Employees

Using information from applications both new and old and from documents of all ages has become a part of the average workday. Employees need access to content if they are to stay efficient. Finding an enterprise search tool simple enough for employees with little background in IT to use on a regular basis can boost productivity and free workers to handle higher impact operations that better utilize their unique skills.


Searching for data

The information needed to keep an office functioning on a daily basis can come from a variety of sources. These include current and legacy applications, scanned paper documents, email messages, and all the various data logged in CRM applications. Businesses have spent the past few years becoming increasingly digital and replacing their systems when more agile options become available. The trail of applications they have left has generated a wide-ranging content environment, with the resources contained therein displaying more variety, velocity and overall volume than has ever been present before.

The employees who need access to this information come from every level of the corporate structure. Whether they are legal representatives assembling a trail of documents to support the firm's case in matters of litigation, marketing representatives assembling a complete record of interactions with a customer segment or C-level executives building support for the company's next major move, just about any member of the staff will have to search for content at some point or another. Having a framework to help deliver that information is a vital consideration, and this is where enterprise search and indexing tools can come in, delivering an experience that each of the diverse roles within a company can use on a daily basis.


Security always in mind

The best enterprise search options don't disregard the extreme importance of data security when opening up access to content. The ideal is not unfettered access for anyone and everyone. Instead, it can be parceled out to those who should be able to see each file, based on the company's unique security protocols. How much to restrict document access varies wildly by industry and location, as well as many other factors. Taking all of this into account and delivering easy file access that automatically conforms to the security model already in place is a good target to aim for when the time comes to adopt a search framework.


Making the right purchase

ViaWorks from VirtualWorks is a comprehensive yet easy to use software option that can suit these search needs. It aggregates every piece of content available into a single, searchable index that will immediately make sense to anyone who can conduct an Internet search. Information access adapts to the security firms already have in place before deployment. This new solution can change the way content is retrieved, freeing up the workers who would be responsible and boosting overall agility, giving truly secure information access to all of your employees.