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Searching through Encrypted Cloud Data gets Simplified with ViaWorks

Creating portable visibility into the enterprise knowledge base while maintaining data security is a constant challenge for enterprises.  They want tools that guarantee user security while simultaneously supporting features like text search, and they want to be able to do it all cost effectively, in the cloud. So what are the realistic options?

Encryption helps protect data, but it’s not perfect. If it’s too strong, encryption can make reading, searching and access data difficult. That’s because in typical scenarios, encryption converts data into code; the only way the data can be read correctly is through decryption.

When decryption keys are kept exclusively by the owner of the data, encryption protects data from being abused by unauthorized parties. But not having the ability to decrypt also makes a variety of useful management features (including text search) impossible.

What that means is when data management and storage services are provided by a third party, such as a cloud provider, encryption may simply be disallowed. If the third party allows for encryption, they typically entrust themselves with the decryption keys. And, not surprisingly, both of these options come with data security risks.

Enter VirtualWorks. In the latest iteration of our ViaWorks enterprise search solution, we’ve incorporated cutting-edge searchable encryption technology developed by Hitachi Solutions. In fact, we’re the first encrypted enterprise search platform built which incorporates Hitachi’s secure encryption technology. It will help our customers meet with the growing challenge of protecting data without stopping them from searching through that data to access what they need, no matter where it is stored.

With ViaWorks, you get data security without the hassles:

  • Confidential data is encrypted, so companies can outsource data storage and text search to third parties while never exposing any sensitive content.
  • Searchable encryption is based on AES, a worldwide encryption standard established by NIST.
  • A special randomization process ensures attackers cannot gain knowledge by carrying out large numbers of guesses and tests upon the data, or by analyzing it from an advanced statistical perspective.
  • Flexible security levels. Any algorithm can be used, enabling users to select a cryptographic algorithm or key length suitable to the specific application. 
  • Performance is not compromised. ViaWorks offers search on encrypted data that rivals the speeds of searching through plain text.

As cloud storage becomes more popular and corporate data management is left to third-party vendors, our new version of ViaWorks may be the right fit for your enterprise. We’ve developed a white paper that explains all of this in more detail.  Check it out !