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Search Guide: How to Search

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Are you wondering how to search using Ayfie Locator? All basic search engines work the same way, so whether you want to learn how to search for Enterprise Search, Google Search, or any other search engine, this Ayfie Search Guide has you covered.

Searching for a specific document or paragraph you need among thousands, or even millions, can feel like walking blindfolded. There are simply too many documents to read through them all to find what you need quickly, and you risk wasting time and effort in a long quest for information.

This easy search guide shows you how to perform efficient searches, using search string commands for basic search, Boolean search, proximity search and wildcard search. The guide also covers how to boost a certain search result to find the specific information you need quickly - even among millions of documents. 

The search guide fits all levels of users, from beginner to more advanced and expert search levels. It is up to you how advanced you want to be in using and performing search string commands. The guide also includes a complete overview as an easy shortcut to all search commands.

This how-to- guide includes tips and tricks for not only working professionals, but also students who are (re)searching for information.

To learn how to be a better searcher and find your wanted search results faster, download the Ayfie Search Guide here:

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