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Robots don't get bored - Automation vs. AI [video]


"Will a robot take my job?" is one of the main questions that often gets asked in the context of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our view on it is that it is the combination of human and machine is the key to success. There are a lot of repetitive tasks where robots can fully support humans so that humans can focus on more strategic tasks. Just recently, our CTO Johannes Stiehler talked about robots at the Future Lawyer Week event in London.

However, his talk has a different angle than answering the standard question - he is focusing on the topic "Why should we bother with robots at all?".

The following video shows the recording of his talk about "Robots don't get bored - Automation vs. AI":


We have summarized some of the key quotes of Johannes' discussion for you here:

  • "A resource that is more valuable than money is the attention span. We are on a very tight concentration budget. This is why we want to bother with technology to help us."
  • "Information needs to be presented in an appealing way to invite people to play with the data and interact with the visualizations. It grabs people's attention." The following chart from our product ayfie Inspector shows how this goal can be reached:

Video Johannes FLW talk slide

  • "Watch yourself on your day-to-day work: How much time do you actually spend with downloading, uploading, moving files, etc. It all takes away from your attention budget."
  • "AI gives us a much broader way to leverage our attention budget. Robots will not take our jobs, but AI will help us focus more on what's actually important."

The following quote summarizes his presentation very well:

Twitter Quote Johannes talk FLW

Are you interested in viewing the presentation of the speech? Just get in touch with us.

If you want to would like to talk about this topic with our CTO, Johannes Stiehler, in person or would like to meet up with any of the ayfie team, make sure you visit us at our ILTA booth #702 if you're attending the event.

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