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Reflections from EBC Berlin

After a couple of intense days at the Enterprise Business Collaboration event we are back in our seats and it’s time for reflection. What hits us is the fact that a lot of organizations talk and are doodling about change management, the digital workplace and how to create meaningful insight and collaboration for the employees.

There were many prominent speakers, but we very much enjoyed hearing Ericsson on stage talking about learning and collaboration in the digital workplace. We truly believe in the notion that collaboration and reuse of knowledge needs to go through a single infrastructure. Philips also talked about their Google-like intranet with search delivering content you need on a personal homepage. Personalization is key and we advocate the idea of creating more valuable insights by having better search based knowledge applications which leverage existing company assets.

By having a booth at the event, we had lots of productive conversations with industry leaders and peers in the market. We got a lot of interesting questions around our solutions and we treasured every one of them. Apparently, our colleague, Christian Schömmer’s, presentation resonated in the audience, speaking about GDPR, the future of search and how the digital workplace enables new and more effective ways of working.

You can download Christian's presentation here.

If you like to see Christian onstage, the session will be available soon on the EBC blog.