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Ayfie unveils ChatGPT integration with its enterprise search platform

Oslo/Norway, April 25, 2023: Ayfie Group (Ayfie), a leading Norwegian technology company specialized in AI-driven solutions for search and text analysis, today unveils its new and innovative document search service integrating the latest ChatGPT technology. The ground-breaking service combines Ayfie’s enterprise search platform together with ChatGPT's ability to ask natural language questions to documents. The result is a private version of ChatGPT that allows companies to rapidly access and query their internal knowledge base. The intersection of the two AI-driven technologies, gives unprecedented search and document interaction capabilities, that are not possible through ChatGPT from OpenAI.

CFO Lasse Ruud and CEO Herman Sjøberg from Ayfie

Today, Ayfie launched a new and unique private ChatGPT solution based on the most recent ChatGPT technology available. With Ayfie's new solution, it is now possible to upload documents in one operation, and with the integration of GPT-4, you can identify, extract and summarize information across multiple documents. For the near future, anybody can test and upload a document and try chatting with it, openly and free of charge on Ayfie.com. “Soon this capability will be added as a value-adding function to Ayfie's enterprise search SaaS solution”, says Herman Sjøberg, CEO of Ayfie. “We see it as our task to exploit the potential of artificial intelligence and open up the enormous opportunities for growth in productivity, efficiency and accuracy for our users” added Sjøberg. The combined technologies will enable better work processes and increase profitability for our customers. In short, we already see that the new service, which is being further developed on an ongoing basis, is greatly adding value for a wide range of customers and users within several different verticals.

Changing how users interact with data
The shift from searching documents to talking with documents is a seminal change in information retrieval, document understanding and drafting versions of documents based on existing precedents. This new capability is particularly applicable to industries and professions with large volumes of data and documents that require efficiency and precision. For example, the management consulting, financial services, and legal industries. The new solution will uncover a variety of technological opportunities across industries of varying complexity.

Ayfie has been looking for ways to improve the search experience for its customers as using search terms to query documents has its limitations. Users want to understand documents, summarize them, understand risks and information held within them. It’s much easier to ask a question and provide context to a question than typing a search term. The arrival of ChatGPT allows completely new ways to interact with data, to query it and to use existing documents to draft new versions of documents.

Unleashing untapped potential
“Combining the power of ChatGPT with Ayfie’s ability to extract text from all kinds of files and document types immediately adds value to companies who are reluctant to use the public version of ChatGPT, “stated Lasse Ruud, CFO at Ayfie. “Our investment in integrating ChatGPT technology shows our commitment to continuous development of our services and solutions for new markets. We see great potential in the new solution and believe it will strengthen our position as a leading technology partner for large and small businesses.” The world is experiencing immense user uptake of the publicly facing ChatGPT technology and we anticipate that businesses will rapidly adopt Ayfie’s ability to use ChatGPT on internal company documents, without having sensitive internal documents further train the ChatGPT algorithm.

“Our new service will open up completely new opportunities for Ayfie and our customers based on the best AI technology on the market,” says Herman Sjøberg, adding “Ayfie is well positioned to meet the immense demand for a private version of ChatGPT.”