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GDPR Webinar Recording: Effective ways to retrieve PII

It's been almost two months since GDPR came into effect. Since the right to access has been implemented an increasing number of companies are getting requests from employees to reveal all the data they have stored about them. For many companies, it is still a significant challenge to understand what is in their data and to find all relevant information in a short time. The reason behind this is that Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is not always stored in structured files. It could sit in unstructured documents, PDFs, emails, and archives.

Solutions like ayfie Supervisor help to access it confidently and prevent companies from having to go through massive amounts of content, like searching for needles in a haystack manually. ayfie Supervisor is a Big Text analytics tool designed to help corporations mitigate risks associated with GDPR.

In our Webinar from the 24th of July, we'll let you look behind the scenes of ayfie Supervisor. You will learn how the right software can help you to save time & money during the process of PII collection as well as make sure that no vital information is missed out. We'll show you how you can "read" a vast amount of unstructured data within seconds, pull reports on all the indexed data and implement the solution effectively within your company.

Details on the Webinar:

  • Topic: Effective ways to retrieve Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for companies
  • Duration: 30 minutes (incl. FAQ)
  • Speakers: 
    • Heather Murphy, Senior Director of Inbound Marketing @ayfie
    • Christian Schömmer, Director of Product Management @ayfie


Watch the recording now!


Watch recording now