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Protect your knowledge in Microsoft Teams and Slack

Working from home has dramatically increased the usage of collaborative tools like Teams, Slack, JIRA and Confluence. This means that data and knowledge is now stored outside traditional repositories and increases the risk that privileged, sensitive or personal data can spread into these new repositories.

With the recent changes and impact from the past work-at-home year, the question businesses need to ask themselves is, are you efficiently protecting your information? 

With a good document management system you can retain your knowledge in Teams, Slack, Yammer, Jira, Confluence and Dropbox and ensure that privileged, confidential or personally identifiable information doesn't leak into new or hidden spaces.

Managing compliance for data leakage, being able to easily search and extract data from new sources and collecting ESI defensibly, can all be handled by ayfie's knowledge integration platform, ayfie Locator. Locator has over 60 API connectors to different data repositories and make it simple and easy to extract, mind and export data from collaborative tools like Teams and Slack.

A key value proposition of the ayfie Locator platform is the entity extractions. It does not only index existing metadata, but extract all text in documents and image files, from Microsoft Teams and Slack using our OCR engine.

The semantic engine interprets the text in chats and automatically extract key entities, including persons, organisations, locations, key concept and dates found within documents. Thus ayfie is enriching existing document metadata, automatically, allowing for accelerated knowledge discovery and eDiscovery workflows.

teams and slack connectors

With current GDPR rules and the steady flow of changes in platforms, it can seem challenging to stay on top of securing your information. The "new" channels can create a large amount of unstructured data, which might seem hard, or nearly impossible, to keep safe. 

Using ayfie Locator, this data can be easily navigated, which is a key premise to keeping all your knowledge safe.






MS Teams Connector Slack Connector

Supports the following data types:

  • Teams
  • Messages
  • Documents

Supports the following data types:

  • Users
  • Public and private Channels
  • Messages
  • Documents


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