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How a student boosts the digestion of exam material with AI

While students are working their butts off preparing for multiple exams, students face the daunting task of navigating through countless documents to find the precise information they need. We managed to grab a coffee with a student who has been testing Ayfie's new Personal Assistant, a solution that allows the user to upload and chat with the document(s), for a while.

Lecturing content in different formats

The student we were so lucky to have a sit down with is Anne Cath Lea Ruud, a Norwegian 22-year-old student, currently in the race of finishing her bachelor’s in economics and business administration at Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).

Anne Cath is very familiar with the challenge of having enormous amounts of photocopies, hand-outs, notes (in various digital formats), etc.

In our coffee chat, she begins by saying that many of her student friends have already been experimenting with ChatGPT for some time. However, they encountered a challenge: there's a limit to how much of your own content you can input into the service. Moreover, a significant amount of their essential content exists in formats like notes, PowerPoint presentations, and others, and this is another problem.

Ask questions to multiple docs simultaneously Solution

On the question of whether this is useful and how she would describe the help that the new Ayfie solution brings to her class materials on the various subjects she’s taking, she is very clear in her feedback.

  • “Yes, of course this is useful”, the student begins. “In each lecture, we receive 30-40 PowerPoint slides. The platform provides an opportunity to quickly extract the necessary information, especially for assignments during the semester, when you don't have a clear overview of the syllabus yet, or before exams when you're dealing with hundreds of pages of notes”.

Having the chat function and possibility to ask questions to multiple documents simultaneously, does it clarify complex information?

  • “Absolutely. Some sentences from lectures or documents can be unclear or difficult to understand. The chat feature can rephrase these difficult sentences, significantly aiding in comprehension”.

The interviewee emphasizes the impact of having a readily available AI tutor, capable of explaining complex topics and sentences in a more digestible manner.

How has this platform influenced the way you source information for your assignments and exam preparation?

  • “Many students, including myself, use ChatGPT for assignments and exam preparations, where information is often extracted from internet sources. By being able to upload documents directly from the university or personal notes to the platform, I know the information I get is credible”.

And what about applying what you've learned to new tasks or problems?   

“Understanding how to apply the syllabus to a new task can be difficult. Here, the chat solution can help link the curriculum to examples, providing practical guidance on how to tackle new challenges”.

We wish Anne Cath the best of luck with her final exams and a great summer holiday, and hope to hear from more students on how they are using our solution to succeed in their information-heavy student life.

More about Ayfie and the Personal AI Assistant

In April, Ayfie softly launched their new solution, an early version of what is now Ayfie AI Personal Assistant, integrating the capabilities of ChatGPT with some of their very own text analysis capabilities. This approach made it possible to upload many documents and then interact with the content of the information through a chat interface. Notably, this strategy greatly exceeds the limitations of ChatGPT concerning the amount of content that can be incorporated into the dialogue.

Moving forward, and this was presented in a press release (read more here) on April 25th, Ayfie will combine the AI capabilities with their Insight Engine and Enterprise Search solution, which will open a vast space of new opportunities both for their existing clients and potential users (being in the business and consumer markets).

Ayfie is a Norwegian software company that delivers traditional on-premises and cloud-based solutions to both companies and consumers worldwide, having the strongest footprint in Europe and especially the Nordics.