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Giving back during the holiday season with Women in eDiscovery

It is that time of the year again: first snow, everything is lit up and cozy. The holiday season is beginning, starting now with Thanksgiving - a time to show gratitude and to be thankful for everything we have. But at the same time, we should not forget that there are people who have less and need our support. This is why it is so important that we give back.

After sponsoring the charity event "Murder in the Manor" in New York City in October, we are now supporting another initiative run by Women in eDiscovery (WiE). This organization acts under the slogan "Women Empowering Women" and is a network of women volunteers from the eDiscovery sector (attorneys, paralegals, legal IT staff, etc.) who support each other and work together to honor each other's achievements. Women in eDiscovery offers networking and leadership opportunities, promotes personal and professional growth, and donates mentoring and charitable contributions to its communities.

Currently, WiE is one of the community volunteer partners of the Soup Kitchen at Saint Luke's Lutheran Church in New York - a vital charity staffed by volunteers. Every Tuesday and Thursday, at lunchtime throughout the year, the theater space is transformed into a dining area where a hot meal is served to 120 to 160 people each day. Every year, our very own Heather Murphy volunteers every Tuesday in November as part of Women in eDiscovery to serve lunch to people in need.

"Giving back is very important, hence I really enjoy volunteering at St. Luke's soup kitchen. It is always humbling to serve those less fortunate and makes you take inventory of all that we have and have access to. I encourage everyone, especially as the holidays approach to try and give back in any way that you can."

- Heather Murphy, ayfie

Special offerings received from church members, friends as well as donations are in important contributor to the success of the Soup Kitchen. If you also want to support the Soup Kitchen and make a donation, use the blue "Donate" button on this page.


Photo credit header image: julie via Adobe Stock