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Do you store personal data about your employees? Customers? Suppliers? Leads? Each of these individuals can request information about this data at any time. Should this data fall into the hands of unauthorized people, e.g. through a hacker attack, there is also the obligation to inform each individual. Without suitable software, the effort required for this can be business-threatening.

Since the introduction of the GDPR laws in May 2018, exorbitant fines have been threatened if required reports are not available for affected people within a short time. However, in an age of exponentially growing data volumes, numerous cloud providers and a wide variety of data protection models, it is becoming increasingly difficult to meet the legal requirements without special solutions.

ayfie recognizes more than 200 relevant types of personal data (names, ID numbers, credit card details) in unstructured documents, including in particular Word/PDF files, e-mails or presentations. Due to the efficient combination of linguistics and artificial intelligence, ayfie is able to automatically recognize and process these entities in over ten languages fluently. Compared to other solutions, ayfie's linguistic approach provides a significantly higher hit rate with unparalleled accuracy.

Due to the large number of connectors to different data sources, ayfie can access almost any conceivable document repository within a organization. All documents processed by ayfie are indexed, scanned for personal data and stored with the access rights of the original source. Thus, they are efficiently available at any time for searches, reports and risk analyses.

The requirements of Article 15 of the GDRP on the "data subject's right of access" and of Articles 33 and 34 on "notification of violations of personal data protection to the supervisory authority" and "notification of the data subject of a violation of personal data protection", can be met much more quickly with higher accuracy and ease.

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