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eDiscovery buyers guide: Interview with ayfie's CSO Rob Wescott

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We are excited to share an interesting video interview with ayfie's very own Chief Strategy Officer, Rob Wescott and Brett Burney from the eDiscovery Buyers Guide. At our booth at Legalweek in New York earlier this year, the two were discussing how eDiscovery platforms leverage the sophisticated "big text" analytics functions of ayfie, and how software solutions can help companies to identify PII (Personal Identifiable Information) and other critical information in their internal data.

Here is a quick overview of the interview highlights:

Continuous Active Learning (CAL) workflows
At Legalweek, we announced that ayfie Inspector for Relativity® now revolutionizes productivity and accuracy for document review with state-of-the-art Continuous Active Learning workflows powered by SentioAI™ & Sentio Maestro™. CAL can be compared to consumer music or product recommendation engines. Learn more about ayfie CAL here.

PII extractions of data sets
Besides the new CAL methods, we are currently doing a lot of work in identifying PII in document sets, for instance for companies in the United States and Europe that are leveraging Relativity® to do data breach investigations. A lot of our customers are using ayfie technology to index all the data behind the firewall. With GDPR and other regulations affecting the use and storage of private data the ability to identify that throughout their systems has become very important.

ayfie’s partnerships in the eDiscovery ecosystem
It’s been 2,5 years since we introduced the first integration with Relativity®. We also have several OEM partners who leverage the ayfie engine to drive highly precise analytics as part of their offering, for instance, ONE Discovery or LLM.

What makes ayfie unique?
We offer all the standard functionalities that customers would expect from an eDiscovery solution, like email threading or conceptual search. And on top of that, we can identify entities within the data to uncover the “who did what when” and leverage those terms to help reviewers find answers to their questions quicker.

Watch the full interview here:

Further details and demo
If you want to learn more about how ayfie's solution can help you solve the challenges of your company, visit our product- and solutions pages on ayfie.com
Or get in touch with us for a personal demo: 

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