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Counting down for Intra.Net Reloaded in Berlin!


Yes, it's true! We will be present at one of the most innovative events in Europe on intranet, digital workplace and internal communications!


We are excited and counting down for the upcoming Intra.Net Reloaded which is taking place on April 18 – 20 in Berlin! The event is gathering more than 350 decision makers from IT, Internal Communications and Business departments from international organizations, who are responsible for creating tomorrow’s digital workplace.

There is no doubt that digitalization is approaching companies of all ages, sizes and industries at a higher speed than ever before. Understanding the valuable information residing within the huge piles of data that have been and are being created and stored over the years can decide the success or failure of a company.

Being a company that brings order and structure to vast amounts of data through smart extraction of meaningful information, we’re well equipped to help companies pushing their digitalization strategy forward. By extracting knowledge from arbitrary unstructured information, like Word documents, PowerPoint Presentations, PDFs etc., we can surface valuable digital insights from unexpected places which can give strategic importance and competitive advantage, which helps employees  make better decisions faster. With that in mind we’re very excited to participate in the Intra.Net Reloaded event, where many prominent speakers are onstage talking about trends and innovative ideas within the space of intranet and the digital workplace.

Just like last year, ayfie (formerly VirtualWorks) will be onstage and we are proud to announce that our colleague, Christian Schömmer, will be talking about the future of information mining, smart search and how the digital workplace enables new and more effective ways of working.


Will we see you there?

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