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Ayfie Welcomes New CEO

Ayfie's new CEO introduced the Internet on nationally broadcast TV at 12 years old. Since then, he has earned a Master's Degree in Economics from BI Norwegian Business School and attained 14 years experience in consulting and investment. After spending the last years as Business Director in Capgemini, Herman Sjøberg is ready to steer the wheel at one of Europe's growing software companies.



- Welcome to Ayfie, Herman. First of all, why Ayfie?

- All my life I’ve been passionate about creating insights from data and I’ve seen time and time again the business value of insight-based decision making and automations. A major hurdle for creating insight is accessing all relevant data. Often you would need to migrate databases and applications to a different environment or start costly integration projects. Ayfie bypasses all that by allowing companies to find and use data from where they are, using only one platform.


- Why is that useful?

- Data is only as good as the insights learned from it, and the actions executed upon it. Having a single platform for mining enterprise data can be used for so many things. The traditional use case is to enable employees to find all data regardless of where it’s stored in a single search, which is a lot more efficient than starting several applications and using the inferior build-in search capacity. Ayfie's platform enables employees to get more done, faster.


- What part of your experience do you think is most beneficial for this position?

- I’ve had the pleasure of working with various analytic tools developed by companies like Google, IBM, Amazon and Microsoft, in which they have invested billions of dollars and unlocked some truly incredible capabilities. Combine those with Ayfie’s technology and you have something a lot of companies will find super interesting.


 - What vision do you have for the company and its customers moving forward?

- We all make thousands of decisions in our daily lives. Even around a dinner table you will find people Googling to learn and inform themselves before making decisions or voicing an opinion in a discussion. Accessing insights like this has made us capable of making far better and more informed decisions today compared to just a few years ago. This is beneficial not only to each as an individual, but also to others affected by the decisions we make.

-Technology such as machine learning and cognitive services make it possible to create new insights. This is a growing field that will evolve to ways we can only imagine today. This, in turn, will create even better decisions in the future. The vision is a world with perfect decisions, with Ayfie technology playing an important role in making that possible.


- Who is Herman outside of the office?

- I’m blessed with being many things; a father of three amazing children, a husband to the most beautiful and caring wife in the world. I am the reigning family Beat Saber champion, a cyclist, a food and wine lover, and many other things.

- My personal motto is to start with myself. Maybe a bit of a cliché but so many good things in my life have happened by staying true to that motto.


- Last, but not least: any fun facts to share about yourself?

- I got the honor of “introducing” the Internet to Norway on the national TV show God Morgen Norge when I was 12 years old. A lot has happened since then, both with me and the internet.


Ayfie wishes Herman a warm welcome to the team.


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