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ayfie review by the eDiscovery Buyers Guide 2019 [video]


The eDiscovery Buyers Guide is a "solo to midsized law firm shopper's handbook for eDiscovery tools & services" as they describe themselves. The 2019 version of the book written by Brett Burney (Burney Consultants LLC) and Chelsey Lambert (Lex Tech Review) has been published in May this year. Now, the makers have created video reviews for the solutions.

In this blog post, we want to share the review video of ayfie Inspector covering the following features:
  • Text Analysis / Linguistic Processing
  • Sophisticated Data Visualizations
  • Advanced Text Analytics

The video gives some great insights into ayfie Inspector and how it extracts meaning and value from unstructured text, almost like a human being. ayfie Inspector goes beyond just putting together patterns of words or similar names - the platform uses advanced linguistic processing to pull out information that is relevant for the review. Watch the video and see for yourself how ayfie's technology helps the legal industry to find digital needles in big data haystacks:

Bonus video: In case you haven't seen it yet, a few months ago, the makers of the eDiscovery Buyers Guide also published a video interview with ayfie's Chief Strategy Officer Rob Wescott. It reveals valuable information on how eDiscovery platforms leverage the sophisticated "big text" analytics functions of ayfie, and how software solutions can help companies to identify PII and other critical information in their internal data.

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