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Ayfie Enters the API & Micro Services Space, Offering Free Access

Ayfie is entering the API and micro services space, along with other providers such as Microsoft and Google, as the market calls for more composable solutions. Best of all; the solution will be offered free of charge to all users!

Going cloud: composable and scalable

Today’s technology landscape can easily be seen as monopolistic and heavily concentrated on the big global tech giants such as Microsoft, Google, and AWS. However, there have never been so many SMEs and start-ups trying to make their footprint and stay relevant together with the bigger ones/brothers. One of the reasons why there is room for more players is the need for agile and ready components that companies can integrate into their existing architecture and applications. This is also known as “composable business”.

Ayfie is now entering the API and micro services space, as one of many players available in the various marketplaces, from Azure to AWS and others. Our strategy is to continue developing our core products Ayfie Locator and Supervisor, while we also are launching a set of more developer focused services, such as APIs for Text Analytics and Data Collection. And this is just the beginning…

More organisations are moving towards a cloud first or cloud-only strategy, and Ayfie is evolving alongside both clients and partners. One big step for Ayfie in this direction is to launch our very first API services (“Ayfie IntelAPIs”, as we call them), which is first and foremost aimed at developers and all users who want to test our services, free of charge and open to their feedback, as well as hoping for first users to influence the further development of these services. As a next step, we will focus on the packaging of different services and address specific industries and use cases.

Ayfie API

Test and innovate with Ayfie

CTO of Ayfie, Ronny Hanssen, previously this week shared that our primary target group is developers who want to integrate our APIs in their projects and save time on finding the exact piece to their puzzle to for example add sentiment analysis to an application to be able to categorize chat messages (positive-negative-neutral) or to have search embedded into their product (can be a simple as search on a website). As the API and microservices space is rather new to Ayfie, we are hoping to get users who want to share their feedback, ideas, and thoughts on how we can improve and evolve our products.

Our strength at Ayfie is the proximity to us as a company, all employees, that our users can talk to and meet (in-person) when we organize local events and meet ups. We are not the leader in this marketplace, and will not aim to be, however, we are easy and cheap to use, plus we listen to our customers; if you say we should add a feature (that many other users are requesting), then we simply do it.

We hope you will join us on this journey!

- Team Ayfie


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