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Ayfie announces AI partnership with leading consultancy firm

Press release/Non-mandatory notification

(Oslo, 14 March 2024) Ayfie Group AS (Ayfie, OSE: AYFIE) today announces the award of status as recommend solution for generative AI applications by a leading global consultancy firm.

The consultancy firm is one of Norway’s leading companies for digital transformation, and assists customers on the deployment of generative AI. Following a thorough review process, Ayfie has been awarded to be part of the recommended solutions portfolio for the full Ayfie product suite, including the new Ayfie integration platform for enterprise generative AI applications. The customer demonstrations will commence medio March 2024.

“We are proud to be selected to the recommended product portfolio suite for one of the leading consultancy firms within digital transformation and AI. The award serves as testament for the performance of Ayfie applications, where we boost the effectiveness of generative AI applications, provide access control management for vital data and more. We look forward to the upcoming customer dialogues to showcase our full capabilities,“ says Herman Sjøberg, CEO of Ayfie.

For further information, please contact: 
Herman Sjøberg, CEO, tel: +47 926 62 233, email: herman.sjoberg@ayfie.com
Lasse Ruud, CFO, tel: +47 930 90 008, email: lasse.ruud@ayfie.com

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